Selling? STAGE it!

SELLING your property? Don’t forget to STAGE it!

ExcusesWith our proper guidance, the process of preparing to sell your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive.  Staging needs to be seen as an investment because most professionally staged homes sell faster and generally for the asking price or sometimes even above.  Our professional stagers will give you suggestions on where to focus your time and money.  You may think you have to do A, when in fact C is more important.  A great stager has the ability to use their creativity and use what is in the home.  It is truly amazing what small changes can do.  You always have the choice to tackle the work yourself or get some help.  So, in most cases clients don’t need to spend an extra penny, while sometimes a few key items are recommended that will complete and or compliment the space.  Remember most buyers today are willing to pay for a property that is in move-in condition.

Creating a Lasting Impression You want to create a positive reaction and unfortunately overlooking certain details can result in losing a potential buyer. Your home should only be listed once it is 100% ready; inside and outside.  Your listing photos are the key to attracting buyers to view the property.  There’s nothing worse than seeing listing photos with dishes in the sink, clutter on the counters, unmade beds, personal items everywhere, cluttered rooms or empty spaces.  These are easy things that need to be addressed because they are very distracting.  You are selling your house, not your stuff, so for whatever reason, if you cannot invest the time, get some help.  If your house is currently on the market, and not getting the attention you had hoped for,  address this issue ASAP. Staging can help even after its been listed.

“Micheline we wanted to thank you for all the great work you did at our home; the house sold within a couple days and for full asking price!  Everything shows up so much better than before.  You are a very efficient and fast worker who knows how to bring out the best.  We appreciate all you did for us.”

Rachelle & Clem, Ottawa Clients

$ave on Staging Services – Do your research!  Most Realtors will include a professional home stager and photographer in their listing agreement because they understand the importance and difference a good professional stager can make.  This will help save you money and provide you with guidelines on how you can prepare your home yourself in a cost effective way.  So not only do you receive a more professional service, but you know you are focused on the doing right things and working with a team that truly cares about success.

DIY Staging – Our professional home stagers have the ability to look at a home with a fresh pair of eyes; viewing the home just as a highly critical buyer would.  They have your best interest in mind.   Home owners tend to get accustomed to living with the small things that are on the “to-do” list – sometimes you simply don’t see them anymore or you didn’t realize that it was an issue.  Staging is not being personal but showing personality because anyone can empty a house and remove a bunch of items leaving the home feel cold and vacant.  It can be difficult to decide what should stay or go because of certain connections to the items; however a stager can help you quickly decide what should remain out and what should be packed away. Which in turn, is less stressful and time consuming.

Getting a Different Opinion Some people live in their homes for years without really seeing it the way a professional stager does.  When selling your home, it is important to clearly show the function of each room.   Removing or simply moving items can make a big difference on how the space works, therefore making it easier for buyers to visualize how they can use the space. Very few home buyers can visualize a homes’ potential, which is why selling a vacant property is just a difficult as selling a cluttered home.  A professional stager will create the proper focal points throughout the home and make sure it flows properly.

Ease Your Mind - Our professional stagers are on your side; if you succeed, we succeed.   Listing your home properly the first time can save unnecessary headaches.  It is important to recognize this isn’t a personal attack; we just want you to sell your house. You might not like what is said, but someone has to be honest with you.  A good home stager will guide home owners in the right direction and they will not hesitate to share any concerns about pets, odours, or any other detail that needs to be addressed.  Disregarding professional advice or refusing not to deal with certain issues only delays the inevitable; price reductions and a longer time on the market.  Investing in our staging service opens the doors ahead of time so you have an idea of what potential buyers will think; good and bad.

“I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Micheline. I was preparing to sell my home and wanted to show my home at its best so contacted Property Staged. I was already preparing to do some renovations. Micheline provided guidance on what would have the most impact, reducing the amount of work and money I spent, but the change was amazing. The house went from plain white walls everywhere to colours (one main colour and then a separate colour for the bathrooms and a third for the kitchen) that were neutral yet really added that je ne sais quoi. I wondered about the mix of colours and asked a female friend at work for confirmation. She just loved the colours Micheline had chosen, and even asked for the details to copy. Seeing the paint on the walls, I absolutely agree with the two of them; the paint choices go so well together, yet match so perfectly with the counters and tiles in each individual room. My Mom out west was really impressed when I sent her before and after pictures. We also rearranged a few rooms, including changing their function in a couple cases. What an inspiration! Wish I had done those changes years ago. That is another thing about Micheline, she really knows how to make the most of what you have. She provides a concise list, including options, so your staging is within whatever budget you tell her. The house looks better than it did when new, with minimal cost. My agent was also impressed with her work and her hands on approach, different than what he has experienced with some other stagers. Thanks to Micheline, my house was conditionally sold two days after the first showing, and for over $10K more than the price the same model across the street with comparable features sold for two weeks earlier. I have no hesitation in referring friends to her. She is great to work with and very client oriented. I have been so impressed that I also retained her to help me with my new home on the other side of the city.”

Rich Pierson, Findlay Creek Client


The Top 5 Factors that will Affect a Home Buyer’s Decision

1. Overall condition of the home: You don’t want to attract people who think they can strike up a deal and get your home for less. If your home does not look well cared for, it will take longer to sell. A buyer’s first impression is usually the deciding factor. It is difficult for home buyers to look beyond the mess, so instead of noticing the beauty and functionality of your home, the home buyer is focused on the repairs and the clutter. If the home buyer immediately notices a negative issue right away, their mind is focused on the looking for other issues.

2. Home Layout: Is your home functional? Are you properly showing potential buyers how could use each room? What works for you, may not be what the home buyers are looking for, so getting a second opinion right from the start will help ensure the home is shown properly.

3. Location: The location of the property is extremely important and it is easier to overlook a certain area, if the price and condition is excellent. There is a reason why you fell in love with the property, so start there! Not all home buyers will be familiar with certain areas, some may be from out of town, so help make their decision a little easier by revealing great details about the area.

4. Price: People are generally willing to invest a little more into something that is move in ready and shows well. However, if your property is priced too high, it can back fire and actually deter buyers, sometimes even helping sell the other homes around you faster.

5. Market: If the market is a home buyers market, like it is now, then sellers have a challenge. There will be excessive listings on the market thus giving buyers a lot of choice. It is even more crucial that your property shows well!

Don’t stress yourself out when there are professional stagers like us who help make it easier for you! Property Staged works with your budget and we are here to help you with as much as you need!  The choice is yours. We want to help you succeed!   Contact us today and let us see what we can do for you!

One of our staged listing sold within 3 days, their response: we didn’t think it would be that easy.”