Shopping Assistance

The Option of Saving Your Time!

There is another thing we are good at, and that is SHOPPING!  Property Staged understands you don’t have the time to waste going around from store after store searching for the right accessory to complete a desired look for your home.  We also understand that sometimes all you need is a little extra help pulling everything together. It is totally up to you, we can shop with you, or for you.

The Property Staged team are experienced shoppers who would be pleased to assist you in finding the pieces to fit your space whether it is for selling or for living.  We get the job done fast and always work within your budget.

This service may require an initial verbal consultation to first view the space properly , discuss your goals, budget and decide what is needed.  All items purchased for the property require full reimbursement.

Shopping Assistance  $60 per hour

Hourly Rate $80 per hour, after a consultation

Verbal Consultation  $110 (up to 60 mins) Includes an estimate if requested.

BONUS: You will receive a $25 signing bonus when you book  a job with us after a verbal consultation.