Love ALMOST everything about your home? 

  • Love your home but tired of the old?
  • Do you have some great pieces but not too sure what to do with them or where to place them?
  • Has your lifestyle changed and you need something a little more functional for your new lifestyle?
  • Do you have some great ideas but not sure how to make it all come together? 
  • Have no idea where to start and you need some direction and help?

Professionally Revamp your Current Space  

When moving isn’t in your heart, Redesign is the next best thing! Your life is constantly changing, therefore so does your needs and ultimately the home you  live in. Whatever you may need, whether it’s re-arranging your items to create better flow and movement, or a color consultation, Property Staged has the skills and experience and to assist you revamp your existing space. A “mini makeover” will make a space seem brand new and can be more cost effective than a larger renovation. Small changes can make a big difference!  Give us an opportunity to hear what you want.  By working together we can make your dream home a reality!

Let us help you address any issues in your home and create the space you’ve always dreamed of.

Here is a sample of some of our Redesign work:

                        BEFORE                                                AFTER



“In just one consultation, Micheline gave me tips, tricks and was able to provide me with a jumping off point to redecorate my home. I followed all of her recommendations (from colour suggestions to where to shop) and was overly pleased with each one.  In addition to her expert eye and profound knowledge on the subject of home decor and design, Micheline was patient and professional. She answered all of my questions and helped me analyze my condo redesign in a pragmatic and achievable way. The experience of working with her was invaluable and I will contact her for advice any time I am considering changes in my home. I would highly recommend her services to anyone – Property Staged is completely worth the investment!”

- Alyssa B, Ottawa Client


The Simple Steps to get your Space Redesigned

Each property is unique; homes vary in size, design and décor so it is impossible for us to propose a dollar amount before viewing your property.  Our suggestions are always made in the best interest of you and your budget, which is why we always to start with a verbal consultation.

If requested, an estimate will be provided after a Verbal Consultation for no extra charge.

Verbal Consultation $110 (up to 60 mins)

This allows us to get a tour of the area(s) in need. It will give us a general overview of the home and to get a feel of your space.  We then will sit down and discuss any changes that are wanted or needed.  General notes, measurements and pictures will be taken for our own research purposes only.  Within 2 business days you will be provided with an estimate. This does not involve any selections, just discussing options, possibilities and plans.

It is your decision to make the call on what work you would like to complete yourself, and what work you would like Property Staged to complete or source out:

Option A - With the recommendations in hand, you have the option to implement some or all of the changes yourself. We are here to help with as much as you need us to.

Option B - Prefer us to take over?  Not a problem! This is what we love to do and why we are in this business. If you hire us, we will reimburse you with a $25 signing bonus.

Bonus Hourly Rate $80/hr

Shopping Assistance $60/hr


*HST not included