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  • Moving your properties more quickly?
  • Earning more money?
  • Offering your clients an even more professional service?
  • Becoming more successful?
  • Decreasing the marketing and time spent on each of your listings?


Why Property Staged?

Providing a great service to your clients means ensuring their house is shown at its best.

Hiring Property Staged is one of the best investments you can make for not only you, but your clients. Potential buyers and clientele notice the type of properties you sell; you are in a competitive market, so why not focus your time where it matters most and let us handle what we do best, the staging.

At Property Staged, we pride ourselves on adding those small important details that people connect with and we have no problem dealing with any sensitive subjects such as cleanliness and aroma. Don’t risk losing a listing. Let us help. We possess the right balance of education, experience, and creativity to manage make sure your listing appeals to as many potential buyers as possible!

Our main goal is to help prepare the home for the listing photos and get the most prospective buyers booked in to see the property. 

Property Staged exists because we fully understand that selling a home can be a stressful time for your client. Life brings change and challenges and while most times these are good, other times they can be difficult. The issue is too many times home owners rush to get their home on the market without the proper time for the important final touches. We realize there are all kinds of reasons… First impressions are so important and your clients are relying on your guidance to help them. You want the best for your clients, as do we. Those listing photos represent you as well, so from the moment potential buyers view your listing homes’ on-line pictures, they need to be impressed. This  is were we come in!

Property Staged wants to help you achieve a better resale value, close a quicker sale and open the door for a potential bidding war.  With a staged home there is less of a chance of a price reduction, therefore potentially earning you a higher income from the sale, and happy clientele – who will gladly praise your services – which we all know is the best form of advertising!  By taking the time to show clients you care, you will bring even more success your way.

Property Staged can work directly with your client, or indirectly as your referral. The Realtors who invest in our staging services and provide a complementary staging package to their clients, understand the difference a properly staged home makes to both themselves and to their clients.  If you are ready to begin, or just have questions, please contact us. We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss your plan.


Staging applies to all houses – even the ones you think look pretty good because we always seem to find those little things that most people miss until it’s too late.  Showing your listings at its best not only helps your clients, it helps you! People want someone who cares and makes an effort to help them. Property Staged works with all types of properties.  Our goal is to work with you and the homeowner(s) to ensure they get the most equity out of the sale of their home, therefore getting you the most commission possible.

A potential buyers’ first impressions can mean the difference between a home closing fast and at a good price or languishing unsold for weeks.  Is it something you really want to risk? Our exclusive Realtor packages are priced just right! Contact us today and let us help you sell your listings!

“The other Realtor didn’t offer this service! This is great; it’s amazing what a few changes do – thank you for all your help!” 

- Carol, Orleans  Client

Carol’s home sold in under a week after being listed with a new agent who provided one of our staging packages. It had been previously listed with another agent for almost a year!

Show your clients that you truly care and what hiring a true professional means.

Before Staging: Why list a home that looks like this?

After Staging: When the can look like this?


Getting Your Listings Staged

We are pleased to offer Exclusive Realtor Partnership Packages.  If you are interested in working with us exclusively or giving our staging services a try, please contact us directly  to set up a meeting. Our policy is that we meet one on one with all Realtors before working together.   As a Realtor who works exclusively with us, we will give you access to our exclusive pricing as well as list you on our resource page if you wish to be.   We stage both occupied and vacant properties and offer packages to help you show your listings at their best.

“Having worked with other stagers in the past I can understand why some clients have hesitations when it comes to staging their home. However, after working with Micheline from Property Staged my own viewpoint has changed drastically on what it is a professional stager can offer.  Micheline has a great way with clients, she makes them feel at ease, and always takes into consideration each persons personal situation and respect their limitations.  Every client is always so happy with the outcome and how you are “hands on” and get right to work. I highly recommend Micheline’s work to sellers, Realtors and even home owners who aren’t moving but would like to refresh their homes.”

Yasmin Fues, Ottawa Realtor 

“Micheline, I want to thank you so very much for the absolutely magnificent staging job you did on the condo I listed for sale.  You worked so quickly and efficiently adding just the right amount of furniture, accessories and colours that each room flowed into the next. Every real estate agent who has shown the property has commented on the staging of it.  You transformed a nice but “plain Jane” apartment into a “drop dead gorgeous” “exciting looking” and must have apartment. You are a real professional!”  

Elaine Murray, Weichert Realtor, Washington D.C.

Property Staged is so proud to work with some of the best Realtors in the city!  Join our team of professional Realtors who understand the difference that staging truly makes for them and their clientele.  

Interested in learning more about our company and services? Contact us Today!