Home Staging

Home Staging is an effective way of preparing a property for sale. Staging is an investment and done correctly, will help you sell your property faster.

Our professional staging service involves much more than just getting rid of clutter and moving a few pieces of furniture around. There is an important balance that needs to occur when selling to ensure the home is welcoming, highlights the selling features, and appeals to a broad range of home buyers.

Property Staged helps you identify the items in your home that may distract buyers from the beautiful house you are selling.

Our number one goal is always to work with what you have first because we understand you are moving and don’t want to invest any more money than you need to.  By adding the right amount of final touches where needed, we generate the buyer interest needed to get buyers to a property.  We not only ensure online photos stand out in a good way, we help make home buyers feel welcome once they visit the property.

In today’s busy world, most people will first  take to the internet to decide which homes they want to go visit. This is why your home needs to look its best right from the moment it is listed.  The photos are crucial when selling your home! Let us help you ensure your home looks its best!

OCCUPIED PROPERTIES - we capture your homes essence by highlighting its features and benefits so potential buyers can visualize it as their own.

VACANT PROPERTIES – we bring life into empty, cold and uninviting spaces so buyers can visually and emotionally connect to the space.


  • Creatively re-arrange, remove or add furniture
  •  Recommend welcoming paint colours that will appeal to many buyers if needed
  • Recommend flooring changes only if absolutely necessary (i.e. carpet that can’t be saved)
  • Coordinate lighting and modify decorative items and personal possessions on display
  • Help shop for new accessories to highlight key areas where needed
  • Help clean, organize and pack items for temporary storage or removal
  • Tweak the exterior of the home to maximize curb appeal
  • Full preparation  and rush detailing for showings and or open houses
  • Assess the need for any repairs or upgrades and
  • If required, coordinate the appropriate professional services to ensure work is completed correctly.

Here at Property Staged, we pride ourselves on working with your budget and using our creativity, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money! Most of the time we are able to use what is in the home and only suggest “extras” if we feel it would make a difference in adding that important finishing touch!

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Property Staged welcomes the opportunity to work with you and show your home at its best.

Contact our Professional Home Staging Team today to see how we can help you!