Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior of your home. Curb appeal deals with the exterior of a home. The porch, roof, walkways, lane way, flower gardens etc… The curb appeal of a home is a major deciding factor for any home buyer. Most home buyers will “judge a book by its cover” by either looking at the online photos or taking a pre-drive to the area to see if its even worth booking a viewing. Ensure your home is 100% ready when it goes live. It is extremely important to do your best to ensure they get a good impression when they check out your listing or pull into your lane way.

Property Staged can help you create an eye catching exterior that will leave a positive impression on any home buyer. Most of our staging packages address the interior and exterior of a home however, if more focus needs to be placed on this area, we can certainly help you come up with a solution that will fit your budget.