About Us

Property Staged is a Professional Home Staging and Redesign company located in Ottawa, Ontario. Established in 2010, we proudly help Home Owners, Realtors, Builders, and Investors show properties at their best.

Property Staged proudly offers our Staging and Redesign services throughout the Ottawa region and surrounding areas. We certainly do not mind travelling if it means getting you the help you need to sell your property the right way.*

Property Staged will help you prepare your home for either living or selling by providing you with creative and functional solutions that best suit the property, your budget, and goals.

We pride ourselves on tailoring our services to each individual person and make every effort to work within the available budget to get the job done properly and on time.

What Can Property Staged Do For You?

We will…

Show your Space at its Best –  We are here to help you show your property at its best so it attracts the most amount of potential buyers.

Save you Money - Our knowledge, skill and guidance can help prevent costly mistakes. Not only can we give you important suggestions on where you can get the most for your money, but we will guide you on how to do it properly. We also pride ourselves on always working with what you own first because we understand you are moving and do not want to invest in buying things you do not need. We only recommend items that are absolutely necessary.

Save you Time - We help make life a little easier for you by identifying your needs and providing you with access to the best resources.  With our help you can avoid the overwhelming feeling and reduce the stress often associated with selling, moving and renovation work overall, by allowing us manage all phases of your project from start to finish.

Help you define and enhance your own style - Together we can create a home that is a reflection of your personal taste and meets your changing needs.  We help you make the right selections for any project.

What Can You Expect When You Hire Property Staged?


We are on your side: If you succeed, we succeed!

Property Staged only has the best intentions.  We are here to offer you our professional help and advice; informing you what you need to hear, the truth! You may not agree or like what we have to say, but we know what works and what does not.  It is important to remember that you are moving and our suggestions are in the best interest of you and the property.  We always do our best to understand your lifestyle needs while ensuring potential buyers can also view the space as a place they could call home.

Some of our past clients didn’t think they needed a stager until they saw first hand what we could do.  When you live in a home you get used to things being in certain places.  A fresh pair of professional eyes with no personal attachment to the property and all the items inside  has the ability to see things more clearly.  Our job is to make sure your home looks its best so its done right the first time.  Almost every client tells us that they should have hired us sooner and asks if we can help them when they move into their new home.

“Amazing experience with Property Staged.  Micheline was extremely delightful to work with & looked out for our best interest. She used items that we already had & gave us a very short list of items to purchase. I must admit I was skeptical if it would make a difference but in the end our house looked great (wish we had set it up that way from when we moved in) & our house sold in 7 days!!! Staging your house doesn’t need to cost a fortune or be an inconvenience.  Let Micheline help you get your house ready for a quick sale. ”  

Symone & Kelvin, Kanata Clients

We are available to do as little or as much as you need help with. So whether you are in need of our Professional Staging or Redesign services, we will help you create an inviting and functional home for yourself or for your potential buyers.

Hire Property Staged and let us help you create a lasting impression.

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Visit Home Owners Time 2 Sell or contact us at propertystaged@gmail.com for more details.


Military Relocation Home Staging Discount

Are you in the Military?  Are you moving out of the Ottawa area and need to sell your home quickly?  Did you know that you are most likely entitled to receive a FREE staging consultation that will help you prepare your home properly the first time.

Our professional home staging service is a valuable tool that will help alleviate your stress and ensure the property is shown at its best.  Based on what is required, we can do as little or as much to ensure the process goes as smooth as possible.  Most times we can use what is in the home and simply rearrange it.  Every home is different,  and a consultation will allow us to determine what is right for you.

DND, under the Relocation Directive APS2009 Section 8.2.11, allows members to use their Personal Benefit envelope for a Home Staging Consultation.

Property Staged is pleased to help you move forward.

Property Staged is a fully insured company located in Ottawa, Ontario. *For jobs over 45 minutes a travel fee is subject to be charged and will be discussed at the time of booking. 

Our Professional Stagers are fully certified.